Holocaust Center for Humanity
Seattle, WA

“Any community is in danger of falling into intolerance.”

- Ilana Kennedy, Director of Education, Holocaust Center for Humanity

Founded in 1989 by Holocaust survivors, the Holocaust Center for Humanity inspires students and teachers around the country to learn and teach about the Holocaust. Like Anne’s diary, it teaches young people about the horrors witnessed during the Second World War, and the terrible consequences of intolerance and hate.

The Holocaust Center for Humanity received a stark reminder of just how horrific those consequences can be on July 28, 2006, when a gunman broke into its building, and shot and killed one of the Center’s friends and colleagues, while severely wounding five others. The shooting stunned the city of Seattle and the entire Pacific Northwest—an area renowned for its tolerance. Amid the mourning that followed, people of all walks of life united behind a common vision for peace, justice, and mutual-respect. That vision is kept alive today through Anne Frank’s diary. The planting of her tree in Seattle will offer a living testament to the senselessness of violence and the enduring struggle for tolerance throughout the United States and beyond.

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Sapling planting ceremony at Seattle Center's Peace Garden
Sunday May 1, time TBD

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