About Speak Up!

In the coming months, this site will provide a place for students, parents, and young adults like you to explore the impact of intolerance within your own societies, and the steps you can take to build a better, more just, and peaceful world—like the one Anne imagined. With your help, we’ll be using your feedback, comments, and stories to start a national conversation about the need for tolerance, mutual respect, and greater civic awareness throughout the United States and beyond.

As part of the Confronting Intolerance Today: Lessons from Anne Frank project we’ll explore three major themes that have defined Anne’s legacy:

  • Tolerance and Diversity: Anne came of age during one of the worst episodes in modern history: the Holocaust. Yet she never stopped believing that “people are truly good at heart.” In the next few months, we’ll explore modern examples of tolerance and diversity, to show just how far the world has come since the Second World War.
  • Injustice and Discrimination: A lot has changed since Anne’s death, but many forms of injustice and discrimination remain. In the coming months, we’ll examine contemporary examples of bigotry, hate, and genocide and the problems that continue to impede the realization of Anne’s vision for a more peaceful and just world.
  • Prevention and Remembrance: In the decades after Anne’s diary was published, hundreds of organizations, schools and communities tried to keep Anne’s legacy alive. As this project kicks off, we’ll study the steps individuals are taking to prevent injustice, and how they’re using the past to inform the struggles of today.

Throughout the next months, we will be adding articles and resources to our site that related to each of these themes. Have a specific issue you would like us to address? Then send us an email at saplingproject@annefrank.com. We look forward to a dynamic discussion about topics spanning from inequalities in the American justice system, genocide in South Sudan, poverty across the United States, the rights of the LGBT community, and more. Make sure to check in regularly to stay tuned-in to the conversation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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