Sapling Locations

11 Saplings will be planted across America

The Anne Frank Center USA received 11 of the saplings to donate to worthy educational organizations across the U.S. As Americans, we sometimes think of the horrors of the Holocaust as events that only happen in far off places and not on our own shores.

But the United States has its own questions on human rights, as evidenced by treatment of Native Americans, slavery and segregation and by the ongoing struggle for full civil rights for women and people of color. These chapters in our shared history become the stories from which today’s generation can learn to fight intolerance in all forms, to identify prejudice, stereotyping, polarization and to advocate for a world based on mutual respect.

Following a three-year safeguard quarantine, the saplings were cleared for planting in January 2013. Six of the saplings have been planted, and several more are scheduled to be planted in 2015, including Little Rock, Boise and New York City. Click on the individual site pages to the left for additional information about attending an upcoming planting and dedication ceremony.

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