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When i was little, I was abused. Physically and mentally, but luckily not sexually. I was beat by belts, wooden pizza peels, switches, flashlights, shoes, and really anything that you could hit someone with. I was even burned with lit cigarettes. I was told that no one loved me, no one cared about me, and that I was worthless. My father once came at me with a knife and my mother has thrown a plate at me. I relate to this because I found a light in the darkness. I found the bible. I became a Christian and when i told my parents I was hurt even more for this. I still held fast and clung to my faith. I eventually got away from this, but i have come into another abusive family. Please keep me in your prayers. :'(

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Anne Frank drew solace and inspiration from looking out the attic window at the chestnut tree growing behind the Secret Annex. Share your voice alongside Anne’s by leaving a leaf here on the Sapling Project Virtual Tree.

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