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“We try to really draw the parallels between what happened to Anne and what can happen to anyone. The message is: Understand what happened back then,but don’t think it’s just then.”

~ Don Curtis of Boise, volunteer for the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial

Anne Frank and downtown Boise may seem like an unlikely pairing, but the legacy Anne left for human dignity strongly resonates in Idaho. In 1995, a traveling exhibit on Anne Frank drew in tens of thousands of visitors from across Idaho. This overwhelming interest sparked the idea for a more permanent tribute. Over the course of the next several years, a group of community leaders, human rights stalwarts, and citizens from across the state and the country worked tirelessly to bring the Memorial to life.

This fall, the Memorial will welcome its centerpiece: the sapling from Anne’s Chestnut tree. Thanks to a collaborative partnership between the Wassmuth Center for Human Rights and the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial, Anne’s tree will take root next to a life-sized bronze statue of Anne Frank by the sculptor Greg Stone. Anne’s tree will join a multi-issue memorial park designed to implore visitors to contemplate the moral implications of their actions and speak out again injustice.

The memorial site will be complemented by a lesson plan built around “Think About What You Saw”, which will link the Anne Frank chestnut tree to taking action in the community. The lesson will be posted online at the Wassmuth Center for Human Rights website and included on the Sapling Project website Educator Resources page. The campaign also includes the creation of a guided Memorial Tree walk that includes the sapling as the launch point to discover trees and public artworks throughout Boise that inspire reflection.

Visit Anne’s Tree:

Planting scheduled for May 13, 2015. More information coming soon!

Take Action!
  • Visit the Anne Frank Memorial in Boise, Idaho – Learn More
  • Take in the sight of the new mural entitled Nurture on the Center's 9th and River Street office building. – Learn More
  • Volunteer for a local nonprofit committed to tolerance and education. Consider the following options: the Agency for New Americans; the Allies Linked for the Prevention of HIV and AIDS; the Center for Community and Justice ; The Idaho Community Action Network; the Wassmuth Center for Human Rights; the Idaho Office for Refugees; Idaho Safe Schools Coalition; or the Interfaith Alliance of Idaho.

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