Southern Cayuga Central School District
Aurora, NY

“The Anne Frank Tree will serve as a tangible symbol and reminder of the
impact each human being can have in creating positive change.”

- Staff members of Southern Cayuga Central School District

Like Anne, the students at Southern Cayuga Middle School are pre-occupied with all the day-to-day events of childhood: friendships, activities, schoolwork, and family relationships. Also like Anne, they are trying to understand themselves as they grow into adulthood and understand the adult world they are entering. After taking root on Southern Cayuga Central School grounds, Anne’s tree will join the children of the great lakes region, and serve as a reminder of the impact young voices can have in the quest for tolerance.

Southern Cayuga Central School District is located in the Finger Lakes region of Central New York. The region has historically been at the forefront of civil rights movement and the quest for greater social justice. To the north of the school lies Fort Ontario that housed Jewish refugees during World War II. The school is located near the homes of Harriet Tubman and William Seward, both abolitionists who lived in Auburn. Poplar Ridge, where the school is located, was strongly influenced by Quakers who believed in the equality of all men and women. As a product of the Finger Lakes region, Southern Cayuga Central Schools aim to educate and empower children so that they recognize their ability as individuals to use their thoughts, words and deeds to cultivate and promote understanding, tolerance and justice within their community and beyond.

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