well being that she said when she writes she can forget about all of her worry. i would agree because if i got something on my mind then i will find something that i like to do that will keep me occupied and keep my mind off of what ever was bothering me.

-Tashawn Dean, Kentucky

About the Sapling Project Virtual Tree

Anne Frank drew solace and inspiration from looking out the attic window at the chestnut tree growing behind the Secret Annex. Share your voice alongside Anne’s by leaving a leaf here on the Sapling Project Virtual Tree.

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Class 6B - Pelsall, Alabama

Never give up hope.

-October 12, 2016

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ca - , Alaska

-February 24, 2016

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Matthew Y - Camarillo, Alaska

That chestnut tree was a source of hope and inspiration during those hard times of persecution. Anne sees the beauty of the world, despise the evils that are being committed across Europe. In a dark and hopeless time, she sees a source of light and joy, even if it's merely a chestnut tree.

-January 31, 2017

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Carder Kirkpatrick - California, Arizona

Every time i see this chest nut tree it gives me hope that Anne cared about everything she could care about

-March 4, 2016

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UIE 1 - MOUTN, Arkansas

soon sad

-November 9, 2016

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UIE 1 - , Arkansas


-November 9, 2016

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Kathy - Sacramento, California

My favorite moments at the Center involve watching schoolchildren as they listen to remarks from one of our Holocaust survivors. Boisterous moments before, these children are mesmerized as the volunteer relates her personal story of survival. You can hear a pin drop!

-April 28, 2014

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Jackie Marshall - Ridgecrest, California

I would like to visit some of these places the off spring of this "tree" is in California!

-May 1, 2014

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Tamara Van Hecke - Fremont, California

What I connect with Anne's Chestnut Tree is life, particularly, Anne's life. Her words, her spirit, her writing all seem a part of her tree. To draw inspiration and strength from nature, from Anne's tree, is to get in touch with Nature and God and ones true inner self. Knowing Anne was able to obtain all that from just gazing at an unassuming tree...it's something that can't be put into words. Closed up for more than two years, in fear and constant worry, she looked at her tree and was able to feel life and freedom while hidden and trapped away from living her young life. Her tree and the saplings scattered through the world bring inspiration and strength where ever they are planted. I had the opportunity to visit a sapling in Napa and got to feel its little leaves and felt Anne's spirit and love for life in it...words can't describe how much inspiration Anne brought to not only myself, but the world, and it's such a sweet thought to know, part of her inspiration came from a simple chestnut tree...

-May 21, 2014

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JJ - Death Valley, California

Life can be hard, sometimes unfair but in these times all we have to do is believe in our inner selves and always have hope.

-March 19, 2015

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