Boston Common
Boston, MA

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‘The Anne Frank Tree presents an opportunity for each and every student,
resident and tourist to connect with Anne Frank in a tangible way.”

~ Office of the Mayor, The City of Boston

As one of the oldest cities in the United States, Boston is home to some of the most important events shaping our country’s history. Each year, Boston’s Public School students learn about that history through a community-based teaching method that combines schools, libraries and community centers into a single learning platform. One of the most compelling parts of that platform is its focus on teaching tolerance and understanding through events commemorated in historic Boston Common on Monument Hill.

Recognized as the nation’s oldest public park, the Boston Common has played a critical role in the political and social life of Boston’s residents. Its extraordinary history includes the Colonial militia mustered for the American Revolution, where the Redcoats began an eight year encampment. The Boston Common was also the site for Civil War recruitment and anti-slavery meetings, as well as the send off of the African American Massachusetts 54th Regiment. In the 20th century, the Boston Common even offered a stage for Anti-Vietnam War protests and civil rights rallies, including a speech by Martin Luther King, Jr.  The planting of Anne’s tree will add to the Boston Common’s rich legacy for tolerance and justice and will provide a touchstone through which Boston’s youth can learn about Anne’s story and weave it into the historical fabric of their great city.

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